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2021 Santa Cruz County Fair Livestock Department

The Livestock Department is committed to providing a way for you to market your livestock projects this year, regardless of the type of fair we have.
Beef Tagging Appointments are being taken now through Friday, May 14. If you plan to bring a market beef animal to the fair, you must have the animal pre-tagged. Families need only one appointment. Please see the Santa Cruz County Fair Livestock webpage for more information.
Every exhibitor is considered new this year and must register here. Begin by clicking on the "Register" button (#1) above. Once you have registered, you may return to the system as often as you like using the registration name and password that you set up.   Please note that the system will time you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.  Make sure to review and save your cart if you leave your device before checking out.
A valid email address is required to receive confirmation of your fair entries.
Junior or youth exhibitors are asked to supply birthdate on registration page. YQCA certification is required to participate in the Livestock Department and must be in effect through September 19, 2021. See the YQCA webpage to complete the certification.
The official Entry Guide will be posted to the Santa Cruz County Fair website and entry classes will be added to the online system at a later date.